New street lights as part of multi-million pound scheme

NEW street lights are being installed in Bulwell to improve safety and to protect the environment as part of a £44 million scheme.

Work on the project is running throughout October and November in the town, with traditional orange lights being replaced by energy-efficient white fluorescent ones.

In total, 35 roads will have their lamp-posts changed and their positions altered.

It is hoped that the brighter, more reliable lamps will improve road safety, cut crime by lighting streets more effectively and cut electricty bills for cash-strapped Nottingham City Council.

They will also slash carbon emissions and reduce light pollution.

It is all part of a massive project across the city to replace 27,000 lighting columns, 10,000 lights and thousands of lit signs.

Cash has come from a private finance initiative — a deal where the private sector helps pay for public works — brokered by the Department Of Transport.

A spokesman said: “The council is committed to providing good street-lighting. We see it as a major contributor to creating safer, more pleasant neighbourhoods and enhancing the city’s vibrant night-time economy and tourism.

“The council recognises the need for substantial investment in order to further improve lighting standards, and modernise services for improved road-safety and crime reduction.”

A remote monitoring system will be installed, enabling the council to manage the energy used by controlling light levels and switching times when lights are on. Existing lamp-posts will be recycled.