Newark and Sherwood Homes invite tennats to have their say

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Newark and Sherwood Homes is inviting tenants to have their say as part of a consultation on Local Service Standards, which remains open until 28th February 2014.

These standards have been developed to make sure the company’s services meet tenants’ requirements and that these services are being delivered in line with Newark and Sherwood Homes’ targets.

The Local Service Standards cover a wide range of issues, ranging from repairs, rent and charges, tenant involvement, finding a home, customer care, helping tenants to live independently, making their money go further and looking after the local area.

As part of its consultation exercise, Newark and Sherwood Homes presented its draft Service Standards to its Tenant Panel, which has given feedback that has been incorporated into the document.

John Clark, chairman of the Panel said: “It is really important that tenants comment on the draft Service Standards, as this directly affects them and the properties that they live in. We are welcoming tenants’ comments, so we can report back directly to the Board to ensure tenants’ views are taken into account.”

The Service Standards will be presented to the Board of Newark and Sherwood Homes for consideration on 27th March 2014.

If anyone would like to request a copy of the draft Local Service Standards, please email or contact Newark and Sherwood Homes’ Customer Access Area on 0845 258 5550.