NEWS REVIEW 2011: Part Two

HOUNDED -- pensioner Trevor Evans, who was at the heart of a council-tax scandal (December)
HOUNDED -- pensioner Trevor Evans, who was at the heart of a council-tax scandal (December)

A LOOK back at the headlines that made the news in the Dispatch district in the second half of 2011.


WHO CARES? — a decision to shut down a lifeline centre for adults with severe learning difficulties is slammed by much-respected care-worker Judith Storey, whose son uses the venue.

BLACK HOLE OF DEBT — residents in Hucknall and the rest of Ashfield have asked for help in dealing with a combined total of more than £14 million worth of personal debt in the last financial year.

YELLOWS PERIL — Hucknall Town Football Club are in turmoil once again as they are forced to return to amateur status as a deal to settle their massive VAT bill, now more than £84,000, is on the rocks.

DEATH TRAP — shock new figures reveal that men in Bulwell die almost ten years younger than counterparts in other areas of Nottingham.

BATTLE OF THE BULGE — three of every ten adults in Hucknall are now obese, figures from the Department of Health show.


TOP COP ON CHILD-SEX CHARGES — former Hucknall police chief Russell Dew is accused of a series of sexual offences against a 13-year-old girl. He is later jailed for six years and branded “a dangerous predator”.

KILLED PEDESTRIAN ‘ALMOST INVISIBLE’ TO CAR DRIVERS — an inquest hears how a Hucknall man died in an accident on the town’s bypass six years after his stepson was killed in a tragic smash on a nearby road.

RIOTS ALERT — rioting that is causing turmoil across the country spreads to the Dispatch district with an attack on Bulwell police station.

STUN GUN SHAME OF DAD-OF-SIX — a court hears that police uncovered a high-voltage stun gun — and drugs — at the Hucknall home a dad shares with his six children

FACEBOOK TRAGEDY — an inquest hears how a Hucknall mum-of-three foretold her death through messages on the social-networking website Facebook before taking her own life.


INSURANCE SCAM WAR — a crackdown on fraud is launched after a Hucknall man concocts an elaborate fake burglary to cover up a car crash and make a false insurance claim.

PEOPLE POWER SAVES BUSES — campaigners celebrate as Trent Barton announces it is to reinstate a bus-service to Hucknall’s outlying estates after a flood of complaints.

THIEVES SHELVED — a hard-hitting drive is launched by Hucknall police to tackle shoplifters who are threatening to undermine businesses bidding to bounce back from the recession.

ALL CHANGE — shock proposals reveal plans to pool Hucknall and Bulwell together in the same Parliamentary constituency as part of a major shake-up of boundaries.

‘A CHILD WILL BE KILLED’ — a warning that a tragedy is waiting to happen as parents continue to cause mayhem at school drop-off and pick-up times in Hucknall

GRANDAD KILLED IN BIKE TRAGEDY — well-known Hucknall man Alan Davies is killed in a road crash 30 years after his young son lost his life in a road accident.


‘I FEAR MY PAEDOPHILE DAD’ — the son of a convicted paedophile says he is “living on a knife-edge” because he is being kept in the dark about his father’s impending release from prison.

HUCKNALL MAN ON ‘DRAGONS’ DEN’ — Hucknall inventor James Eadon who is savaged on the TV show ‘Dragons’ Den’ is celebrating as the game he created wins a lucrative deal with one of the world’s most renowned toy shops.

OVER THE TOP — the Dispatch exclusively reveals bombshell proposals to build up to 4,500 new homes at Top Wighay Farm on the outskirts of Hucknall.

MURDERED MUM WAS FAILED BY THE POLICE — an inquiry criticises police for failing to deal with the “cries for help” of a young mum who was brutally beaten to death in front of her daughter by her boyfriend from Bulwell

PREMIER LEAGUE STAR IS FOUND ROAMING STREET — Aston Villa and Scotland fooballer Barry Bannan is arrested in Bulwell on suspicion of drink-driving after a smash on the M1.


MYLES BETTER — the family of Hucknall boy Myles Sketchley coping with a cocktail of rare illnesses asks for help to raise enough money to buy him a life-altering hot-tub.

MASKED KNIFEMEN ROB TESCO COURIERS — a hunt is launched after a masked duo rob security guards as they fill up cash-machines at the Tesco store in Hucknall.

RIDE FROM HEAVEN TO HELL — Hucknall grandad Geoff Crowson is himself struck down by cancer after raising thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK in a gruelling bike-ride marathon.

LOWEST OF THE LOW — a memorial bench in honour of Hucknall soldier Paul Sandford, killed in Afghanistan, is vandalised on Remembrance Day.

‘ROBBER’ JAILED FOR KILLING DAD IN GETAWAY CRASH — a Bulwell man is jailed for eight-and-a-half years for knocking down and killing a dad while fleeing the scene of an attempted robbery.


ONE FOR THE ROAD — plans for Hucknall’s inner bypass are back on track after the government pledges £8.5 million towards the controversial project.

SCANDAL — a council says it is sorry for hounding a mentally-ill pensioner — and running up a £200,000 bill — over a council-tax debt of just £1,900.

SURE FIRE — Hucknall mums and councillors say “Christmas is ruined” as Notts County Council makes drastic changes to a SureStart children’s centre in the town centre.

CHRISTMAS IN POVERTY — figures reveal that hundreds of Hucknall children will spend the festive season in poverty.

BYPASS THE BYPASS! — campaigners are ready to continue the fight against the controversial Hucknall inner bypass in the New Year.