NEWS REVIEW 2012: January and February

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A focus on the stories that made the Dispatch headlines in 2012.


FREEZING TO DEATH — pensioners in Hucknall and the rest of Ashfield are dying at a faster rate than elsewhere in Nottinghamshire because they can’t keep warm at winter.

FIRST ‘HUCKNALL HERO’ BUS NAMED AFTER LATE SOLDIER — a much-loved Hucknall soldier killed while serving in Afghanistan is given ‘hero’ status in a ceremony to name a bus after him.

NATIONAL HEROES! — staff who saved the life of a dying teenager after an assault at a Hucknall school are presented with a ‘Good Samaritan’ award.

LAST-DITCH FIGHT TO SAVE WIGWAM FROM HOUSING — a campaigning Hucknall pensioner revives the fight to stop developers from building hundreds of houses on the town’s Wigwam Lane playing fields.

HIGH STREET RED ALART — two of Hucknall town centre’s most prominent stores are in financial peril in news that could deal a major bodyblow to the High Street.

FLY-ON-WALL ‘COPPERS’ FILMED IN HUCKNALL — a controversial TV documentary taking a look at life as a police officer films for three months in the town.

JUST THE JOB — hopes are raised that a specatcular new development at the Rolls-Royce site in Hucknall could pave the way for the creation of hundreds — and possibly thousands — of new jobs.


HORROR ON THE FARM — an undercover investigation reveals shocking animal-cruelty at a farm in Bestwood Village. The court case reveals animals were left to feed on the dead remains of livestock.

RAILWAY TRAGEDY PAYOUT — an out-of-court settlement is reached more than three years after a Hucknall woman and her seven-year-old grandson were killed on part of a trainline dubbed a ‘crossing of death’.

INCREDIBLE DOROTHY GOING STRONG AT 110 — Dorothy Baldwin, of Bulwell, cements her spot as one of the oldest women in the country.

ARMED RAID TERROR AT CARE HOME — a crowbar-wielding burglar smashes his way into a Hucknall care home while elderly residents are in bed.

TEEN JAILED FOR KILLING FRIEND IN 90MPH CRASH IN STOLEN CAR — a 19-year-old man is imprisoned for four-and-a-half years for the dangerous driving that claimed the life of his pal in a death-crash in Papplewick.

CASH-THEFT PROBE AT YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB — police are called in to investigate the alleged theft of thousands of pounds at one of Hucknall’s most established junior football outfits.

POO FREE ZONE — disgruntled Hucknall residents launch an Internet-based crusade calling for a crackdown on the scourge of dog mess in the town.