Newstead Abbey Byron Society mark 225th anniversary of Lord Byron

THE 225th anniversary of the poet Lord Byron’s birthday fell on Tuesday.

To mark this special milestone, the chairman of Newstead Abbey Byron Society (NABS), Ken Purslow, laid a wreath on Byron’s last resting-place in Hucknall Parish Church.

He was accompanied by the rector, Canon Kathryn Herrod.

The annual Byron Birthday Dinner, organised by NABS, was hed in the Belgrave Rooms on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham last Saturday night.

The attendance was depleted because of the severe winter weather and absentees included the speaker, Dr Jane Stabler, of the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Dr Peter Cochran, an honorary life member of the society, deputised at short notice.

He said Byron had a strangely ambivalent attitude to festive celebrations and did not even attend his own 21st birthday party, when an ox was roasted for the occasion.

Dr Cochran went on to say that Byron had a chameleon-like way of changing his persona and became the type of person he wanted other people to see.

The dinner also commemorated the 25th anniversary of NABS, which was founded on January 22 1988. The society’s first event was held in the former White Lady restaurant at the poet’s ancestral home, Newstead Abbey.

Byron was born in London and his early years were spent in lodgings at Aberdeen before he and his mother, Catherine, moved to Newstead Abbey.

While at Newstead, Byron developed a boyhood love for Mary Chaworth, who lived at neighbouring Annesley Hall.