Night work one-off vow builders

Simon Hodgson of Fairway Contracts
Simon Hodgson of Fairway Contracts

Residents living near a Hucknall building site were up in arms after they were kept awake by works that didn’t stop until 4.30am.

People on Chatsworth Drive complained to the county council about the noise caused by building a new Co-op store on Watnall Road on Monday night.

Shelley Burrows said: “It went on all night and I couldn’t get any sleep. It was horrible. I don’t mind them doing it in the day but not all the way through the night.”

Another resident added: “It’s bad enough when they start work at 7am. 4.35am was the last time I looked at the clock. I couldn’t get any sleep. The noise would stop and start every half an hour.”

Simon Hodgson, of Fairway Contracts, apologised for the noise which he said was a one off and pledged that works will now be confined between 8am and 6pm. He said: “We are not here to create a nuisance.”

He explained the process, known as power-floating, involves using machines to level off the concrete base of the building. He said work had to be done in one go otherwise the concrete would set. Work is due to finish in March 2015, followed by shop-fitting.

A 270 name petition objecting to the development on the site of the Flying Bedstead pub was gathered by the Hucknall Central Tenants and Residents’ Association