‘No-one else should die’

A60 RTA scene where motorist Luke Winter died.
A60 RTA scene where motorist Luke Winter died.

The grieving dad of a man who was killed after being hit by a speeding car in Cuckney says new speed cameras will save other families pain and suffering.

Father-to-be Luke Winter (24), of Langwith, was tragically killed when Joseph Weston crashed into him after losing control of his car on a notorious accident blackspot on the A60 in August last year.

Following the latest tragedy Chad launched a campaign and petition calling for new safety measures to prevent any more deaths.

And on Friday average speed cameras were fitted between Church Warsop and Cuckney, a move which has been welcomed by Luke’s father Geoff.

“It is too late for our family, but if they prevent any more fatalities we are very happy,” said Geoff.

“Our pain and grief as a family is constant and ever-present. No family should have to go through this due to morons such as Joseph Weston.”

The Ravenshead farm worker (21) was jailed for five years in July after he admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

Nottingham Crown Court was told during his sentencing how he was seen speeding up the A60 at Cuckney Hill ‘like lightning’ before crashing head-on into Luke’s car.

Geoff added: “Someone was saying on Facebook this will add five minutes to their journey, but if that is what happens it is brilliant.

“It is five years too late for us but the cameras will slow people down and we would like to thank Chad for making that happen.

“But we are not looking forward to Christmas and never will.”

Weston was originally jailed for five years but this was reduced by a third due to his guilty plea, and further reductions have meant he will serve just two-and-a-half years.

Said Geoff: “We are so upset - we feel the justice system has let us down. The law is absolutely no deterrent.”

Luke became the sixth person to be killed on the stretch of road since 2006.

John Allin, Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Warsop, said: “My hope is that the cameras will mean we stop killing one another.

“I am hoping there will be no more fatalities on this road. Luke Winter’s death was the final straw which spurred on the petition.

“In my view the problem is not the road but people’s attitude’s to speeds and if this is what it takes I will use people power any time.”

Mansfield MP Alan Meale, who presented the 1,500-signature petition at County Hall, said: “I congratulate Chad and I am very grateful that at long last my citizens will be protected.”

Suzanne Heydon, Nottinghamshire County Council’s group manager for highway safety, said: “The A60 between Church Warsop and Cuckney has had a persistently high level of reported injury accidents.”

“Between 2009 and 2012 there were 13 reported injury accidents, three of which resulted in fatal injuries. Several engineering measures have been introduced on the A60 in recent years including new street lighting, increased signing and a reduced speed limit.

“Despite all this accidents were still occurring and speed measurements taken during detailed road accident investigations showed that a significant proportion of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit. Excessive speed was a factor in all of the accidents which resulted in fatalities.

“In response to this unacceptable level of reported injury accidents, two new wireless average speed cameras are being installed between Church Warsop and Cuckney.”