Nottinghamshire County Council work to clear up wind affected areas

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Teams from Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department will be working over the next few days clearing debris from the county’s roads and footpaths following Thursday’s high winds.

Emergency highways response teams were out all day Thursday dealing with tree-related incidents as a result of the strong winds which battered the county.

In total the teams dealt with over 130 incidents of fallen trees and branches on roads and footpaths.

Wherever possible, trees and branches which were blocking roads were moved to one side to allow traffic to pass safely, but in some cases trees have had to be sawn into smaller sections on order for them to be moved.

All roads are now cleared or passable but clear-up work will last for a few days yet.

In addition to fallen trees, Nottinghamshire County Council dealt with several incidents of lamp posts being blown down and road signs which sustained damage.

Affected lamp posts have been made safe and damaged or missing signs will be replaced as soon as possible.