Nottinghamshire Police awards

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An evening of celebration is to be held tonight (Wednesday) to recognise the efforts of Nottinghamshire Police officers, staff and the public.

From people who have risked their lives to save others, to police offices and staff investigating murders, treating injured people, putting themselves in danger or having put in more than 20 years service, the ceremony will see 58 awards handed out at Nottingham’s Albert Hall.

These include:

PC Jason Sims had finished work after being involved in a major search for a man who sexually attacked a young boy. While driving home with a colleague on the A624, they noticed a man matching the offender’s description. They immediately stopped and detained the man, before returning to duty to complete the necessary paperwork. Their vigilance and willingness to intervene, despite being off duty, brought about an early arrest and stopped any further offences being committed. As a result Shaun Tudor, of no fixed address, was jailed for seven years and ten months for offences against a 10-year-old boy. PC Sims will receive a Chief Constable’s commendation.

Ollerton-based PCSO Gavin Oxby’s professionalism is being recognised with a Chief Constable’s commendation after he detained a number of suspects and helped to resolve antisocial behaviour victims’ issues. He bravely confronted armed burglars in two incidents, disarming them and detaining them until they were arrested.

The actions of two members of the public Jill Sabin and Sharon Milner saved a woman’s life, after they went to her aid without a thought for their own safety. Working as wardens at Patchills in Mansfield, a resident made an emergency call stating she had been stabbed. Despite the potential danger, Jill went to the address and saw the woman lying on the floor, with a man who she knew to be her husband, standing over her with a knife in his hand. Jill called Sharon and together they entered the property, persuading the man to move away from the victim. They called an ambulance and remained with the woman until help arrived, with the offender close by. Their courage and willingness to enter a dangerous situation undoubtedly saved the woman’s life.

An intensive investigation was launched into a fail to stop road traffic collision, after a serving police officer was seriously injured. Members of the Crash Investigation Unit, including DS Ged Hazelwood, DC Mark Henshaw, PCs Mark Gascoigne and Simon Roberts, and Tony Arins responded to the call after PC Diederik Coatzee had been knocked off his pushbike by a car that had left the scene. For the next six days the officers retrieved debris from the scene, carried out CCTV enquiries, took statements, and supported the officer’s next of kin. The car was subsequently traced and the man traced and arrested. Mitchell Graham was jailed after he pleaded guilty at court to dangerous driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

Three members of the public - David Brimblecombe, Darren Williams, and Sarah Elliott – will also receive Chief Constable’s Commendations, after stopping at the scene of the collision, phoning the ambulance and providing first aid until help arrived. Their actions are high likely to have helped to save Diederik’s life.

Chief Constable Chris Eyre said: “Events like this are a fitting tribute to honour the extraordinary efforts made by police officers, staff, Specials, volunteers and members of the public. We are able to acknowledge their dedication and long service as well as the courage, professionalism and commitment shown in exceptional circumstances.

“They all deserve our thanks, praise and admiration, and it is a real privilege to be able to present them with commendations and awards.”

Long Service and Good Conduct Awards

30 years

Lesley Holliday – Criminal Justice Department, Mansfield

Stephen Walsh – Crime Reduction Officer

20 years

DC Mark Beldham – Prison Intelligence

DS James Greely – Crash Investigation Unit

Insp David Sharp – Custody

T/Insp Tim Ringer – Resource Management, Operations, Licensing and Business Planning

DC Clare Easter – Child Abuse Investigation Unit

DC Alison Jones – Professional Development Officer, Hucknall

DC Mark Petrovic – EMSOU Major Crime

DC Philip Musson – Child Abuse Investigation Unit

T/Insp Nicola Smith – Force Domestic Abuse Unit

Christopher Chivers – Clerical Officer, Mansfield

Catherine Barsby – Clerical Officer, Mansfield

Patricia Hopkinson – Clerical Officer, Mansfield

Trevor Oram – CCTV Unit

Suzanna Daykin-Farr – Crime and Intelligence Analyst

Alison Sinclair – Divisional Command Team Support Officer

Fiona Prewett – EMSOU Office Manager

Special Constables Long Service and Good Conduct – Nine years

A/Sp Insp Darren Surgey – Pre-Crime Manager and Special

Special Supt John Kenton – Now retired

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