Nottinghamshire Police officer to attend gross misconduct hearing


A Nottinghamshire Police officer accused of gross misconduct is to attend a hearing at the force headquarters.

The officer will answer to the allegations at Force Headquarters, Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, at 9am on Thursday January 7 2016.

They will answer to allegations relating to:

· Derogatory personal remarks about a victim of domestic violence and inappropriate remarks regarding a police investigation and an agency involved in the charging process.

· Derogatory remarks about a female arrested on suspicion of assault.

· Derogatory and sexually inappropriate remarks about a young victim of a sexual offence and failure to challenge and/or report inappropriate conduct by a police officer.

· A derogatory remark about a man who had attempted to commit suicide.

· A remark about a supervisor which was intended to be insulting.

· An inappropriate and homophobic remark about a murder victim.

· Derogatory remarks about a woman detained by police with whom they had professional dealings.

· Messages sent to a fellow officer in which they used an offensive racist term for a member of the Traveller community.

· Messages sent to a third party which contained confidential information.

· An inappropriate and homophobic remark about a victim of historic sexual abuse and failure to challenge/report a fellow officer who sent the picture.

· A derogatory and inappropriate remark about a person they had dealt with as a Police Officer.

· Use of a derogatory and sexually inappropriate term about an individual concerned in a police investigation.

· Insulting and homophobic remarks about a person they had dealt with as a Police Officer.

· An inappropriate message to a fellow officer in the course of which they used derogatory and racist terminology.

· Use of seriously inappropriate language to describe an allegation of sexual offences against a minor.

The misconduct is alleged to have happened between August 2013 and July 2015. This is contrary to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012.

The panel chair announced the proceedings will be heard in public.

People wishing to attend must register in advance before midday on Wednesday January 6 2016.

You can pre-register for the hearing by calling 101 extension number 800 2562 during office hours. Alternatively you can email the office at leaving your name and contact telephone number.