Notts Housing Advice service helps reduce homeless problems in Mansfield

More than 100 householders in Mansfield who were struggling to pay the rent or mortgage or had other housing problems were helped by a free legal and advice service, it has been revealed.

Notts Housing Advice (NHA) is a charity specialising entirely in free advice about housing and housing debt.

They also advise on other non - debt related housing issues such as disrepair, unsuitable accommodation, landlord harassment and unlawful eviction.

Between April and December last year NHA in Mansfield prevented homelessness for 77 people.

They also helped three people a week, had 110 enquiries, 27 new cases, and advised on a total of £400,000 debt.

The advice is free and the advisor can represent an individual in court, advise on legal rights, give information necessary for individuals to help themselves, help negotiate with lenders or a landlord, help to prepare budgets and refer the individual to other agencies if required.

Sharon Batey, Notts Housing Advice Manager, said: “At Notts Housing Advice we want to reach out to householders in Mansfield who may not be aware of our service. There may be many people out there who have accrued a range of debts which mean they then cannot pay their rent or mortgage.

“Such problems are often triggered by ill health, domestic abuse, losing a job or a relationship breakdown. We are here to offer legal advice to those who may think their situation is without hope.

“Please contact us as soon as possible. The earlier you contact us the better chance we will have of helping you.”

For free and confidential advice or to make an appointment with an NHA advisor, call the helpline on 0845 2414 515. (Local rates from a landline)

More details are available at