Notts police chief: “Real change has been achieved”

Paddy Tipping campaigning to re-open the custody suite at Worksop Police Station  (w121108-7b)
Paddy Tipping campaigning to re-open the custody suite at Worksop Police Station (w121108-7b)

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping will address his future aims when he attends the Mansfield Woodhouse Community Action Forum next week.

In an ‘end of term’ report the PCC will inform members that Nottinghamshire is a safer place to live and work than it was in 2012 and reports of anti-social behaviour in the Mansfield Woodhouse area have reduced by eight-and-a-half per cent in the last year alone.

In the run-up to the police and crime commissioner elections for the county, which take place in May, Mr Tipping will highlight the rural crime initiatives now up, running and cutting crime - such as automatic number plate recognition, rural text messaging, rural crime websites, rural officers, special operations to cut poaching, prevent metal theft and many more.

He will also explain that he is committed, despite the unprecedented budget cuts, to maintaining a neighbourhood policing presence across the county.

Mr Tipping said: “Reductions in crime; an increase in reports of ‘hidden’ crimes such as sexual assault and hate crime; people in mental health crisis now receiving care not custody; improved relationships between our BME communities and the police and young people and the police, these all demonstrate that real change has been achieved.

“I’m particularly pleased to see that we have commissioned improved services for victims, and specialist support for those affected by domestic abuse.

“But there is always more to do.

“Among my plans for the future are a real focus on issues such as cyber-crime and hate crime; enhanced counter-terrorism activity to protect those living or visiting in Nottinghamshire and continued support to victims of historic child abuse in the county.

“In addition, by working closely with Mansfield District Council, a new community safety hub is on track to open at the Civic Centre this summer.

“This will see Neighbourhood policing in the area enhanced and protected by having police and council staff working alongside each other.

“It’s a major investment in community safety in Mansfield.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner will attend the Mansfield Woodhouse Community Action Form on Thursday, April 7.