Off-road drivers get last warning

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OFF-roaders are being warned that their vehicles will be seized if they use a patch of woodland in Annesley.

The problem of 4x4 vehicles, scramblers and quad bikes off Annesley Cutting caused misery for residents of the nearby Persimmon Estate, which was used for access.

Work by householders, Annesley Parish Council and police over the last six months has seen the problem die down. But now they are eager to stamp it out for good.

Persimmon Estate resident and Annesley parish councillor Dan Bedford said safety was the number one concern. But livestocks were also being frightened and spooked by the machines.

“They fly down the main road into the estate to get down to where they want to go,” Coun Bedford said.

“There are other issues but the biggest worry is someone being knocked over and killed.

“I do go out there and talk to the off-roaders and usually, they are polite and leave. But you do get those who say they are not bothered about the police catching them.”

Concrete blocks were installed to prevent larger vehicles getting on to the land. But it has proved more difficult to stop dirt-bikers.

Meanwhile the local policing team have started patrols of the area during peak off-roading times.

Under the Police Reform Act 2002, the police have powers to seize vehicles driven in a manner that cause harassment, alarm or distress to members of public.