Oliver Letwin visits Hucknall to listen to views

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Businesses and community organisations this week had the chance to put their views to a member of the Government.

Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy and chairman of the Conservative Research Department and chairman of the Conservative Party’s Policy Review, was the guest of Hucknall MP Mark Spencer.

Mr Spencer arranged the visit so that Mr Letwin could chat, answer questions and address any concerns that they had.

The purpose of this meeting was to presents thoughts and ideas that could help to shape future Government policies.

Mr Letwin told the Dispatch that he had not visited Hucknall to talk party politics, more to talk about economics.

He said: “It is about listening and feeding back to inform people making decisions.

“It should be about working together.”

He added that businesses in the Hucknall area could be making more of opportunities in terms of grants, advice and networking, particularly through the Local Enterprise Partnership, which in this area is the D2N2 organisation.

Mr Spencer said: “The day was a great success with superb feedback from the local business leaders who attended.

“It is vitally important to listen to the voices of local people running local firms and do our best to ensure that they survive and thrive.

“I would like to thank Mr Letwin for visiting us and taking the time to really engage with our guests and offer meaningful advice.

Ed Seeley, head teacher at Egdewood Primary School, said: “It was a good meeting and an opportunity to raise issues with a minister.

“A number of businesses were there and spoke about business but I was able to talk about education.”