Online petition to save Teversal Grange gets 99 signatures

NMAC11-0973-2''Jason Zadrozny
NMAC11-0973-2''Jason Zadrozny

As the Chad went to print, an online petition to stop Teversal Grange from being demolished put up by Coun Jason Zadrozny had been signed by 99 people.

One person wrote: “The teversal grange was once called Teversal working mens club for local miners and there families to let there hair down and enjoy themselves, Why is it that all the buildings that we grew up with are being pulled down by local councils we should stand up for our heritage and sign against the council so come on people lets protect our heritage.

Ashfield District Council are recommending the demolition of the Teversal Grange.

Another added: “The petition explanation gives the impression that the Trust funds the sport clubs on site. This is actually incorrect as all users are self funded by their members. “There is a working relationship with the Trustees (ADC), Visitors Centre and the clubs.” Visit