‘Operation Reacher’ sees drugs, cash and mobile phones seized in Bestwood house raids

One of the raid was carried out at Salterford Road in Hucknall, pictured. Photo by Google Images.
One of the raid was carried out at Salterford Road in Hucknall, pictured. Photo by Google Images.

Drugs, cash and mobile phones were seized during two warrants carried out in Bestwood.

At around 8am, a number of police officers travelled to Hucknall and Top Vallet as part of a taskforce committed to disrupting criminal activity.

The addresses targeted were Ridgeway in Top Valley and Salterford Road in Hucknall.

as a result a man and a woman will be attending a voluntary interview in a few days while enquiries are ongoing.

Operation Reacher first launched in April 2018 with the aim of police maintaining a relationship with Bestwood residents.

In the past four months, over 30 warrants have been carried out, 112 stop and searches, 40 drug seizures have been made and over 200 vehicles, that are often used to transport the drugs, have been seized. The work has led to 77 arrests.

Sgt Oldroyd, who was leading the warrants, said: “Op Reacher is not an iron fist, interested in smashing in as many doors as we can. We don’t have a one dimensional approach; we’re a highly dynamic team.

“When you see us out and about, patrolling, attending events or stopping to speak to you in the street, it’s not because we’ve been told that’s what we have to do, we are doing it because we are all passionate about getting to the bottom of the issues affecting your families.

“Whether it’s off-road biking, drugs, weapons or anti-social behaviour, we are here to tackle what we need to tackle; what you tell us you want us to focus on.

“We have the motivation, the tools, resources and law; what we need from you is your continued support to allow us to put all of this to use. Call us on 101, Facebook, Crimestoppers, or just speak to us in the street and tell us who or what is getting in the way of your community. Don’t turn a blind eye, because it’s your lives that these crimes are affecting.