Chris Hunter technology column: How to make sure date stays part two

This week I am following up my column from Tuesday by talking about how to get backups made automatically from an Android phone to ensure you don’t lose the important things if the worst happens to your phone.

By News Reporter
Thursday, 24th April 2014, 7:00 am

Google have setup a wonderful feature into their social media offering (Google +) that allows you to automatically back up your photos and videos to a private folder associated with your Google account.

To make sure this happens all you need to do is click on the red Google+ icon in applications.

If this is the first time you have done this it will go through a couple of options, one of which is auto backup your photos and videos, tick this. I recommend the option ‘WiFi only’ as this will save your mobile data

If you don’t get these options because you have already gone through setup but want to check if auto backup is turned on, tap on the menu button (It should be three dots in the top right, but this can be different depending on your device) and click on settings.

The first thing you will see in general settings is auto backup, tap on this and you will get all the options for how and when to backup new photos and videos. Just tweak these setting to your liking and save.

If you have a Dropbox account (Dropbox is an online storage and backup service), you can also install the Dropbox app from the play store.

This also has an option to automatically backup photos if you prefer to use this rather that Google+

With an Android device, you should have signed up for a Google account during the phone setup, if you have a email address, you have a Google account.

If you don’t, tap on Google Play and it will bring up the option to either sign in or create.

Tap create and go through the steps to set one up. This will allow you to back up your phone numbers and calendar to your google account so you will always know where you need to be and who is calling you should you end up with a new device.

So, if you follow the tips over the last two weeks, all of your data will be in at least two places; if your phone does break or vanish, you still have what’s important to you.

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