Denis Robinson Column: The ring is gone and I am left utterly baffled and bewildered

Things occasionally happen in life which defy explanation and this article is about an incident which comes into that category.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 12:17 pm

Goodness knows, I have written enough stories about claims of paranormal experiences which proved to have a rational explanation.

But something happened to me last Sunday which has left me utterly baffled and bewildered.

I was playing football on my back yard with my three-year-old great-niece, Isabelle Gee, and her dad, Grayham.

Columnist Denis Robinson.

At the time, I was wearing a white pearl signet ring on my right hand and, during our version of a penalty shootout, I felt it slip off my finger.

Come to think of it, I find it hard to imagine a ring falling from a finger because it would need to pass over the knuckle.

I immediately bent down to pick the ring up from the concrete garden path, where it would have fallen, but it was not there. It had vanished as if into thin air.

I searched the surrounding area in case the ring had somehow rolled or bounced away but without success. During the following days, I made several more fruitless searches.

I was wearing a white pearl signet ring on the fourth finger of my right hand. During our version of a penalty shootout, when I was goalkeeper, I suddenly felt the ring slip off my finger, says Denis Robinson.

I had found the ring two years ago on the footpath of the Latimer Close recreation area In Bulwell. I planned to hand it to the ;police but was told they no longer handle lost property.

I have never regarded the ring as belonging to me but wear it while out and about in case someone sees it on my hand and recognises it as theirs.

I began to imagine that something outlandishly paranormal had happened to the ring and that, by some mysterious means, it had found its way back to the rightful owner.

But last Saturday my sister, Christine Clarke, visited my home. She decided to take a stroll on my back garden and spotted the ring just a couple of feet from where the ring had gone missing. It was exactly a week after the ring had disappeared.

Now in my mid-eighties, I have a friend who looks after my garden for me. He assured me that he had swept the whole yard, including that spot, on his previous visit, which was three days after the ring was lost.

A neighbour suggested that a thieving magpie could be to blame. As I am a Forest supporter, it would not be surprising if a County magpie (Latin name for the bird: PICA PICA) had treated me mischievously by PICKING up the ring and then dropping it back again.

That certainly has the ring of truth.