Reader’s Letter: Fitting tribute to miners

WK11 Miners Strike 5
Picture: Miners walk through Bridge Street to Bridge Place, Worksop.WK11 Miners Strike 5
Picture: Miners walk through Bridge Street to Bridge Place, Worksop.
WK11 Miners Strike 5 Picture: Miners walk through Bridge Street to Bridge Place, Worksop.
It is most fitting that our local paper marks the 30th Anniversary of the attempt of the miners and their communities to defend the publicly owned coal industry from attack by the Thatcher Government, a government that informed and intelligent Guardian readers recall had no mandate from the ballot box, because they were careful not to ask for such a mandate!

We now know the truth of course. Exposed for ever by the 30 year rule of the release of cabinet papers.

In September 1983, coalboard chairman Macgregor informed the energy secretary Peter Walker of the plan to shut 75 collieries, not the already highly controversial 20 pits in the public announcements.

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On September 15th, Battle of Britain day, Thatcher met Walker at Downing Street to agree the attack on Britain’s main, publicly owned energy source. Minutes of this, and subsequent meetings were to be kept secret. They are marked ‘Secret - not to be copied or circulated outside the private office’ (of the prime minister). Only single copies were to be printed!

The conspiracy against the miners and the British people were now enacted, publicly owned industry was to be destroyed, miners were to be demonised and staggering amounts of taxpayer’s money cascaded into do it!

Cabinet papers show that Thatcher was personally involved in drafting the infamous Macgregor letter, sent to every miner, on June 21st 1984, asserting that the miner’s leaders were misleading the miners. It is a lie that would have had Dr Joseph Goebbels leaping to his feet in admiration.

‘If these things were true, I would not blame the miners for getting angry or being deeply worried. But these things are absolutely untrue. I state categorically and solemnly, you have been deliberately mislead.

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Thus, Worksop and Bassetlaw were forced into an unequal struggle. One one side the full force of the state, the media, newspapers owned by foreign tax dodgers, courts that seemed to make up the law themselves and police officers who conspired to invent evidence and commit perjury.

On the other side, the hardworking, law abiding UK domiciled taxpaying patriots who, against all odds, upheld the finest traditions of integrity, courage and loyalty to Britain.

There is more work yet for the intrepid Guardian reporters to do. The truth is out!


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