Our lady Marjorie reminisces for Hucknall Inner Wheel

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One of the club’s founder members, Marjorie Eyre now in her 90s, gave a talk to fellow members of the Hucknall Inner Wheel Club recently at the Horse and Groom, Linby.

Marjorie explained how she came from a line of Lancashire mill owners who tolerated her clog-wearing, spinner mother who had married the boss.

Her mother however was very ambitious for Marjorie and was determined that she would become a ‘lady’.

Her future husband Philip Eyre was the cousin of her best friend and she had known him since she was three years old. But it was only when Philip was held prisoner of war that Marjorie began to write to him regularly and on his return they started their ‘perfect’ marriage.

Marjorie commented that sadly some men she has encountered in her life did not behave like gentlemen. She bravely spoke of being attacked whilst on honeymoon, molested during her time as Lady Mayoress and abused while watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Marjorie has been a strong supporter of Inner Wheel and numerous charities throughout her life. She has regularly held afternoon teas and catered at functions to fund raise for those charities close to her heart and has volunteered at a local charity shop.

Her diary is always full and she often double-books herself. Marjorie gives talks to groups about her hat and shoe collection and is certainly one of the best dressed ladies in Hucknall Inner Wheel and continues to give inspiration to all those who know her.