Papplewick dog-lover lands dream job

Natalie Bains
Natalie Bains

A young Papplewick woman is pursuing her dream career as a dog-groomer after suffering the nightmare of redundancy.

Natalie Bains was plunged into uncertainty when she was suddenly made redundant from her nine-to-five office job in sales and recruitment.

The 26-year-old moved back in with her parents and set about saving to retrain and renovating a garden shed into a pet parlour.

Natalie said: “It was shocking as the company gave us less than 24 hours’ notice with no pay, which left 250 employees without a job.

“At the time I was upset and confused.

“However, after finding my feet with the dog grooming, it’s the best thing that could have happened. Everything happens for a reason as they say.”

After a tough few months of moving back home and saving money for course tuition fees, Natalie enrolled on a dog grooming course at Sue Oliver’s training school in Ilkeston.

“During my training I became more and more confidence with my grooming skills and practised on plenty of dogs in the meantime.

“I then knew this was the career I wanted to pursue.

“With the help from family and friends, I started a conversion of an old garden shed to a pet parlour which I am proud to run and work from home.

“I have owned dogs – miniature schnauzers – from a very young age, and have looked after dogs when owners go away on holiday.

“People trust me as they know how much I love dogs and how I treat them like my own!

“My relatives helped with the transformation of the garden shed, by sorting the plumbing and electrics for me which has helped massively.

“I chose the interior and they helped put everything together, saving me a lot of money and of course time.

“It took four months in total and the transformation is still on going – I’m hoping to expand in months to come.

“I have grown up caring for dogs from a very young age and have always wanted to work with animals ever since I can remember.”

Papplewick Pet Services has only been open for a few weeks, but Natalie says it “has already taken off very well”.

Get in touch via the Facebook page: @Papplewickpetservices or call Natalie on 07814 479179.