Parents urged to take action

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Youngsters in part of Bulwell are pestering adults to buy them cigarettes from shops, a meeting has been told.

This is part of a pattern of anti-social behaviour by some young people, Rufford Tenants and Residents Association heard.

A woman at the meeting said she saw a youngster approach a customer going into a shop on Commercial Road and ask him: “Get us some fags, mate.”

Another resident claimed that children thoughtlessly blocked a pavement outside an off-licence with bikes, forcing mums with baby buggies to go on the road to pass them.

A further complaint was that some children indulged in spitting on the street.

“This is quite a disgusting thing for them to do,” said one woman.

Association members felt that parents had an important part to play in “educating” their children to behave in a more acceptable manner.

Coun Ginny Klein, a Bulwell Labour member of Nottingham City Council, said she would try to find out if any by-laws were being broken.

It was also claimed that vehicles were often driven too fast, sometimes at “horrendous” speeds, on Hoewood Road and Rock Street in Bulwell.