Parking permit plea divides readers

Parent and Child parking: should the law be changed to require a permit?
Parent and Child parking: should the law be changed to require a permit?

A call for a law to introduce permits for parent and child parking bays has divided opinion among Chad readers.

A petition has been started calling for permits to be issued to parents to stop people who DON’T have kids abusing the family parking bays at supermarkets.

Buckinghamshire mum Aisling Surguy who started the petition said: “I see it on a daily basis in Aylesbury, particularly at banks and supermarkets.

“It infuriates me that people with no children park in these spaces, I see it daily, particularly at banks and supermarkets.”

The 27-year-old mother of three said: added: “It is so hard to get the trolley into a normal space and when I take one of the children out, if there isn’t room to get the trolley inbetween the cars I have to leave it by the boot next to the road which is quite dangerous especially if the other children are still in it.”

Mr Surguy’s petition states: “We believe that when a baby is born, you should send their birth certificate off and receive a permit that expires when the child is five years old, to be able to park in a baby parking space, just like a disabled badge.

“We are wanting this to be taken seriously, as currently anyone and everyone seems to be parking in these spaces and very few are monitored.

“It’s extremely hard for parents with small children to often get in and out of normal parking spaces, and it’s frustrating when people use the baby spaces when they have no children on board.”

But the suggestion has divided opinion on Chad’s Facebook page, with many pointing out that disabled parking spaves are still abused even though users are supposed to have permits.

Annabelle Jade Jackson wrote: “We are always arguing with people about it.

“You do need a little extra room to get children out safely. Put the spaces away from the frount doors that will stop people, I find that elderly people are the worst for it, so move the parent and child space a little further away to discourage it.”

Steve Denny said: “The worst people to offend are parents with baby seats in their cars but no kids, they know how frustrating it is but still do it.”

Chris Mills wrote: “Just put them away from the front doors that way fat lazy ppl not use them plus it will give a child some well needed exercise win win if you ask me.”

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