Ashfield councillor uses CPR to save Yorkshire Terrier's life after she almost drowned

Rosie and Jim
Rosie and Jim

Ashfield District Councillor Jim Blagden went above and beyond the call of duty when he saved the life of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Coun Blagden, member for Hucknall Central, was out boating on the River Trent when his son’s dog, Rosie misjudged a leap from the boat to the bank and ended up in the water.

When Rosie was pulled from the water limp and unresponsive, Coun Blagden used his CPR skills to deliver a rescue breath.

Coun Blagden, a long-serving member of the St Johns Ambulance, continued with chest compressions until she came back to life.

Coun Blagden said “It was a shock to us all when Rosie fell into the water, we tried to get her out as quickly as possible but she was lifeless when we pulled her out.

"Despite our best efforts to bring her round nothing was working and it was then I decided to put my CPR skills to use.”

Having carried out CPR on humans in the past, this was the first time Coun Blagden had carried it out on an animal.

He added: “I knew CPR was a last resort, but I used my knowledge and experience and thankfully Rosie came round in minutes.

"We’ll need to get her a life jacket for future trips!”

Rosie made a full recovery and is now at home resting after her ordeal.