Bulwell woman Tracey has big hopes for new rock band

Bulwell resident Tracey Ball has become manager of a rock band which she believes can 'go all the way'.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 4:27 pm

Tracey is convinced that the Manchester-based four-piece Gallaher's Green have the talent to hit the musical heights.

The band, which was formed in January 2020, is dedicated to writing and performing old-style anthem-like rock & roll numbers.

Tracey, herself a songwriter, first heard about the band on line and got in touch with them.

Tracey Ball has become the manager of band Gallaher's Green

She became a friend of theirs and agreed to be their manager when they told her they needed help organising their schedule.

She said: “The band are working to secure gigs around the country, including Nottingham.”

The band released its debut album, Lucky 13, on February 21 and it received more than 20,000 streams across all services.

It was also given air play by independent radio stations as far afield as South Africa, Australia and the USA.