Council secure £6,000 for Ashfield war memorial clean up

Councillor Jason Zadrozny Councillor Samantha Deakin at Sutton Cemetery War Memorial
Councillor Jason Zadrozny Councillor Samantha Deakin at Sutton Cemetery War Memorial

Ashfield District Council has secured £6,000 funding from the War Memorials Trust to clean up several memorials in the district.

The news comes after a meeting of Ashfield District Council's cabinet today (October 7), who approved a motion to have four priority war memorials in the areas professionally cleaned in time for remembrance events in November.

At the meeting, councillor Jason Zadrozny, leader of the council said: "The panel deserves a thanks this for seeing this through.

"The council, historically, has not been great at looking after monuments, so these recommendations are fantastic.

"Its worth sharing with member at this point that we were successful in all four bids to the War Memorial Trust for the memorial in Tichfield Park in Hucknall, Kingsway Old Cemetery War Memorial, Kirkby, Sutton Cemetery War Memorial, Sutton, Huthwaite Cemetery War Memorial, Huthwaite.

"We were successful in the maximum amount of bid funding that was submitted which was just shy of £6,000, which we match funded with another £5,990.

"In addition to that work that has been commissioned, which starts on October 21 so it will all be done in time - cleaned and lettering restored

"This Wednesday, this council is spending an additional £11,000 on the memorials. We will be painting fences, cleaning the brickwork, cleaning poppy beds and all sorts of other work.

"A total of £27,000 is being spent on these memorials, and I think this is absolutely the right thing to do. If we want the memorials to last another 100 years we've got to invest properly now."

Councillor John Willmott added: "Speaking to residents and community groups, there is nothing more important than these war memorials, and they continue to be of the highest priority for this council."

All four main memorials will be undergo works including cleaning, repointing, repairing surface damage to the stone and lettering repairs.

This will mark the beginning of a rolling programme which will see all the districts

The restoration works will start at Kingsway Memorial, Kirkby on October 9, and will involve a team of specialist restorers to ensure that the integrity of the war memorials remain for future generations. war memorials cleaned and restored over the next few years.

Plans for the restoration of the war memorial at the The Hills, Selston are also being discussed in conjunction with the War Memorials Maintenance Association.

The War Memorials Trust is a charity that works to protect and conserve war memorials in the UK.