Did you see the skies light up over Hucknall?

Did you spot a brilliant flash of light in the skies over Hucknall last night?

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 2:03 pm

Local resident Jessica Mow-Clancy certainly did and she was so surprised by it, she thought she might have made it up.

Posting on the Hucknall People's Community page on Facebook last night, she asked: "Did anyone see the strange light shoot down across the sky and disappear about 6.30pm this evening?

It was so strange. It appeared out of nowhere and vanished super quickly,

Was it a meteor in the skies above Hucknall last night?

"It looked like some form of golden ball of light and it was so fast.

"It had a very strange glow and almost looked cloudy/fluffy for lack of better words that I can think of to describe it.

"I need to know what it was because at this point I've either witnessed some random phenomenon, or imagined it all in my head."

Did you see anything? If so comment below and tell us what you thought it might have been.