Hucknall and Bulwell petrol stations return to normal after panic-buying chaos

Fuel filling stations in Hucknall and Bulwell seem to be back to normal – and without the massive queues – after more than a week of chaotic scenes caused by panic-buying.

By Martin Hutton
Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 9:12 am

For several days last week, forecourts in the towns had to switch between dealing with huge demand or having to close the pumps after motorists drained supplies

But now things seem to have settled down, particularly at Tesco on Ashgate Road in Hucknall, Texaco on Watnall Road, Hucknall, and Morrisons and Tesco in Bulwell.

All the stations saw fuel shortages last week, despite the government’s message that there were no issues with the amount of fuel available, more so the issue is to do with the availability of HGV drivers to deliver filling stations.

Queues at the Texaco filling station in Hucknall

At the height the Dispatch reported claims that tempers had flared with claims that staff at local stations had been verbally abused.

Posting on a Hucknall Facebook page, one person said those targeting staff who were ‘just doing their job’ should be ‘ashamed of themselves’

Others shared insight into how they are coping – and how the difficulties around filling their cars impacted on them, from not being able to take disabled relatives to day centres to not being able to fulfil their daily work duties.

Many also blamed some media, in particular the national mainstream outlets, for scaremongering and provoking some of the panic.

A traffic jam stretches down Hucknall Bypass as motorists queue for fuel

Some drivers have even been seen filling up jerry cans.

The chaotic scenes came after a shortage of HGV drivers has forced some fuel retailers to shut their pumps and ration sales, with Esso, BP and Tesco forecourts all affected by petrol deliveries.

Drivers were also urged by police to be ‘sensible’ about filling up.

A Government spokesman said: "We have ample fuel stocks in this country and the public should be reassured there are no shortages.

"But like countries around the world we are suffering from a temporary Covid-related shortage of drivers needed to move supplies around the country.

"We're looking at temporary measures to avoid any immediate problems, but any measures we introduce will be very strictly time-limited.

"We are moving to a high-wage, high-skilled economy and businesses will need to adapt with more investment in recruitment and training to provide long-term resilience.”