Hucknall MP speaks on alleged Christmas party at Downing Street during strict Covid restrictions

Hucknall MP Mark Spencer has spoken about the controversy surrounding a Christmas party that is alleged to have taken place at Downing Street last year while the country was crippled by coronavirus restrictions.

By Martin Hutton
Friday, 10th December 2021, 1:44 pm
Hucknall MP Mark Spencer is the government's chief whip

Conservative Mr Spencer is the government chief whip and has been quizzed on radio and quoted in the national media on the furore around the claims.

It is alleged that the party took place on December 18 last year and there were ‘several dozen’ people in attendance.

If proven the event would have taken place during the strictest level of coronavirus restrictions at the time.

The Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, is investigating this instance, along with alleged gatherings on November 27 and December 10, where it is suggested there was a Department for Education event.

The Daily Mail reports Mr Spencer as saying: “My understanding is that there was no party but we need to investigate that, the Cabinet Secretary will investigate it and we will establish the facts.”

He also said that Downing Street staff “were not drinking alcohol” and partying during Covid restrictions and that everyone in the building has “played by the rules”.

As for criticism of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over whether he knew about the suggested infractions, Mr Spencer is reported as saying that Downing Street, while described as a house, is a government department and is huge with hundreds of offices and rooms.

He added that the PM couldn’t know everything going on in the building.

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