Hucknall: Town anger at vile homophobic comments about popular bar

A Hucknall bar has been subjected to disgusting homophobic attack on social media simply for showing its support for Pride Month.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 1:22 pm

Damo’s, on Annesley Road, has been flying the rainbow flag outside – as it did last year – in support of the popular month, highlighting and support gay rights.

However, the bar has been closed in the last week due to owner Damian O’Connor being on holiday.

And that led to one town resident taking to social media to post ‘I’ve just seen the good news. Damo’s gay bar has closed down’.

Damo's Bar will continue to proudly fly the Pride flag throughout the month

The post has since been deleted but not before Damian had been made aware of it and reacted to it, both on the man’s Facebook page and the Damo’s Facebook page.

He said: “We’re not closing down and we’re not a gay bar.

"This is individual who we have had problems with in the past, he is very much set in his ways and is, shall we say, very traditional in his views.

"As a pub we are supporters of gay rights and everyone is welcome in our bar and always will be.

"I hope to organise a small-scale event for Pride month this year and then next year go to something bigger with a festival or event to celebrate Pride.

“The flag has been down because I was on holiday but its going back up when we re-open on Friday and it will be staying up for a while now.

"We only got the flagpole last year for the Euros football but since then we’ve put the Nottinghamshire flag up for Nottinghamshire Day, we’ve put Halloween flags up, the Jubilee flag recently and obviously the Pride flag last year.

"We put the poppy flag up too for Remembrance Day so we always support any movement or event of significance and this is one that needs addressing and highlighting issues of inclusivity and diversity.

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"That’s one reason why I wouldn’t say this man who posted this comment is barred or not welcome in our bar because then I’d be excluding someone from our bar which is counter-intuitive.

"Everyone is welcome to their own personal opinion but I don’t think it should be aired on social media.

"He deleted it but not before it had been shared all around Hucknall by a lot of people.”

Outraged residents and bar regulars also had their say on the Damo’s Facebook page.

One message of support came from Richard Darrington, landlord of the Byron’s Rest in the town, who said: “I really didn’t think you were that antiquated in your views, it’s 2022, live and live. The kid (Damian) does more for the local bar scene than anyone I know.”

Other comments included:

"How depressing that people still feel the need to post negatively in this day and age, I've loved seeing the rainbow flag flying high and proud.”

"Utterly despicable individual. Fly that flag.”

"Well I've been in Damo's and I haven't turned gay. Maybe it's just a great bar to visit and have a great time.”

"Disgusting comment he needs to wake up.”

"Ridiculous that these comments still exist. Keep up the good work , you've got a great place there.”

"What a vile man he is! Exactly why we have Pride month, due to dinosaurs like him!”