Hucknall youngster so thrilled as Tesco lets her try out her dream of working for them

A tiny Tesco superfan from Hucknall got the chance to ‘work’ behind the tills at a Nottingham store after she was given her own shift and uniform by the supermarket.

Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 2:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 2:15 pm

Four-year-old Brooke Goacher is obsessed with the chain and begs her mum Jodie Buckley, 28, for a daily trip.

Jodie contacted a store worker to see if they could make a uniform for her daughter in her size – and a tiny blue shirt and jumper arrived in time for Christmas.

She was also offered a Sunday morning shift at the Tesco in Carlton earlier this month and spent two hours serving customers.

Little Brooke Goacher got the chance to 'work' on the tills at Tesco for a morning. Photo: Jodie Buckley/SWNS

Jodie said: "She was so excited, she went on the tills at checkout four – it's got to be checkout four, I don’t know why!

"We were sat there with her brother and sister, just saying, ‘what would you like to be when you're older, and she just came out with ‘I want to work at Tesco.’

"From there, it's become and obsession.

In December, Jodie posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew of a way she could get hold of a child-sized Tesco uniform.

The company gave Brooke her own uniform. Photo: Jodie Buckley/SWNS

A worker from the Tesco in Carlton responded saying that she'd ask her manager, and a few days later a specially-made blue polo and jumper arrived for the tot.

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Jodie continued: "We wrapped it up for her and she opened it on Christmas morning – it made her Christmas!

The superstore also booked the little girl in for a shift on the tills for her to try out her dream job.

Brooke 'worked' on the tills, scanning in items and chatting with customers. Photo: Jodie Buckley/SWNS

Brooke was supposed to only work for about an hour, but was so stuck in, she stayed for two, scanning in items and chatting to customers.

Jodie added: "She was loving it, she was serving the customers – everyone thought it was so cute.

"She didn't want to come home, I sort of had to prise her off the till.

"She went and clocked in and out with her own clocking card and went on a break to the staff room.

"She was asking all the customers if they have a Clubcard – she knew what she was doing.

"Times are hard and there’s a lot of doom and gloom, but people still go out there and try and help you."