Plans approved for 50 new affordable homes in Hucknall

An artist's impression of the houses
An artist's impression of the houses

Proposals for 50 new affordable homes to be built in Hucknall have been approved by councillors.

Land off Daniels Way Hucknall is set to be transformed into a major new development of affordable homes by a housebuilding and urban regeneration company.

Ashfield District Council's planning committee approved the development. The site of the new homes currently has a dilapidated former industrial building on it, which is set to be demolished as part of the plans.

All of the new homes have been designed to meet demand for low-cost housing in Hucknall, and will be offered at affordable rent or shared ownership.

The development will consist of eight flats, 24 two bed homes and 18 three bed homes.

As part of the agreement to build the homes, Ashfield District Council requested that the developer pay £20,000 for improvements to bus stops, £100,000 for improvements to Nabbs Lane Recreation Ground, £26,966 for healthcare, £209,528 for primary school places, and £142,024 for secondary school places.

However, although the developer has offered to pay the healthcare contribution, they would provide no money for education, open spaces, or public transport facilities, as they overbid for the land.

At a meeting of Ashfield District Council's planning committee today (October 23), Councillor Chris Baron said the amount of money to be paid to Ashfield District Council was not enough, and that councillors should defer the decision to go back to the developers.

"The fire station is going to be relocated, and subsequently this is almost phase one - they will just extend it into the site of the fire station," he said.

"There is no open space within this area, the only open space children will be able to go is across the road at Nabbs Lane.

"The developer wants to build here and they have not contributed to Nabbs Lane, which I find quite bizarre. They've cherrypicked what they want on health, they won't contribute to secondary education, yet the people that will live there will use that facility.

"Just because the cost of the land is too much, that's not our problem and they have to pay section 106 money."

A report to the planning committee from planning officers states that ordinarily, the development would be refused.

It states: "This is a derelict, brownfield site. The council cannot currently demonstrate a five year housing land supply, and the scheme would provide 50 new affordable dwellings.

"In this case, although the lack of contributions is considered to amount to a significant adverse weight against granting permission, this does not outweigh the benefits."

Councillor Jason Zadrozny said; "This is entirely social housing, which we don't have enough of in Hucknall.

"We'd be delighted to see this grot spot finally cleaned up. On balance - this a challenging site and every unit is a social unit - I will support the officers recommendation."

The motion was taken to a vote, and all councillors voted in favour of the development, with the exception of councillors Chris Baron, Lauren Mitchell and Dale Grounds.