Police launch 'dispersal order' as part of continued crime crackdown in Hucknall

Police have launched a 'dispersal order' in Hucknall as part of ongoing work to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in the area.

The order is set to last until 7.29pm on Thursday, August 29 and means that police can ask a person to leave an area for up to 48 hours to prevent harassment, alarm, distress, crime or disorder.

Police have launched a dispersal order in Hucknall.

Police have launched a dispersal order in Hucknall.

Anyone who fails to leave when directed can be arrested.

Ashfield District’s Neighbourhood Police Inspector Craig Hall, said: “We understand the concerns of residents in Hucknall and want to reassure them that appropriate action is being taken to address those concerns.

"We are aware of ongoing issues and we have increased police patrols in the area – including by officers in plain clothes.

"This dispersal order is a preventative tool that can be used to reduce the likelihood of crime or disorder happening in the area.”

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