Speed camera plan for Hucknall bypass dubbed a 'cash generator'

A speed camera is to be installed on a section of Hucknall bypass – a road once dubbed a ‘racetrack’.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 4:20 pm

The camera will be near the roundabout at the Bulwell end of the 60mph road where Nottingham Road meets Hucknall Lane – and work will start next Friday (April 9).

It is the latest safety measure to be installed. Bollards were added previously to slow down users amid claims people were hitting 100mph.

But since the Dispatch broke news of the camera online this week, some readers have claimed it is just a ‘cash generator’ and there is no need for it.

A speed camera is being installed on the Hucknall bypass

Craig Middleton said: “I thought cameras were for accident blackspots? Just the council trying to prise more money out the motorists’ pockets. How much does it cost to put them up, plus the running costs? I’m sure there’s better things they could spend the money on, like fixing the roads in Hucknall.”

Mark Carmichael commented: “Not a big accident blackspot so it’s just to generate cash for the police. There are far worse roads that need them.

“Cameras on Annesley Cutting, Newstead Road and Hucknall Road through Annesley Village and Newstead Village are long overdue before somebody is killed.”

Jamie Atkin said: “Just another money-making exercise for the police.”

However some readers are in support of the camera.

Kelsey Johnson said: “About time with more families using the cycle lane and walking along a potentially dangerous road. Money will only be earned from those breaking the law so it shouldn’t bother the majority.”

Kelly Grainger said: “About time, might stop the boy racers using it as a racetrack.”

Brian Simpson said: “Why not? They’re everywhere else.”

Many others think the priority should be fixing roads.

Richard Channer said: “I’d much prefer the potholes be sorted.”

Phil Wheatley said: “We can’t go over 30 anyway because all the roads have potholes, you going to compensate us for damaged suspension?”

During the installation, two-way temporary traffic signals will be in place between 9.30am and 3.30pm, so delays could be expected.