Strewth mate - there's 'roos' on the loose in Bulwell

Bulwell Kangaroo
Bulwell Kangaroo

A cop was caught on the hop when he spotted a kangaroo and her Joeys bouncing around in the undergrowth near the Nottinghamshire town.

Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police posted on their Facebook page this afternoon:·

"G'day Bulwell,
"This picture was taken this morning in Bulwell, I think you're thinking what I'm thinking and I think we might be right mate.

"There's a Kangaroo in Bulwell and we believe she has two Joeys in tow.

"They were seen hopping around on the old pit site this morning.

"So if you see Red, Skippy or Joey bouncing around near you give us a ring #gdaymate #youthinkingwhatimthinking #skippy #bulwelldownunder #apicturespeaksathousandwords #tellyourneighbours"