Sutton hero jumped on tracks to save dog from on-coming train

Dramatic moment Mickey Parkes jumped onto the tracks to save the dog
Dramatic moment Mickey Parkes jumped onto the tracks to save the dog

A Sutton hero came to the rescue of a dog which had been pulled on to the railway tracks by its owner, in front of an oncoming train.

Mickey Parkes, now living in Stretford, was at Piccadilly station on Saturday as passengers waited for the 10:55am train to Liverpool, when he saved the black Labrador from any harm.

Mickey, 21, who attended Sutton Community College before moving to Manchester in 2012, said, “I had seen the dog’s owner earlier at the station and he was shouting random things.

“Then later as I was waiting on the platform where he jumped on to the track, pulling his dog with him as it was on a lead.

“Everyone was running towards him but no-one actually got on to the track.

“People were shouting at him to get back on the station. I thought someone else was going to jump down to help but nobody did.

“I didn’t even think about it really,

“I just launched myself onto the tracks.”

There was a train coming into the station, but Mickey said he was sure it was going to stop in time.

“The owner still had hold of the lead and I had to tug it a few times for him to let go.

“I grabbed the dog in my arms and threw myself back onto the platform.

“I wasn’t scared really, I was just concerned if the guy was going to come for me as he had a big bike pump in his hand.”

Mickey handed the dog to the police and the 47-year-old man was arrested.

It is understood the dog is being cared for in a home.

A British Transport Police spokesman said that ‘their officers were called to Manchester Piccadilly station, following reports of a man and a dog on the tracks.’

A 47-year-old man from the Leigh area has since appeared at Manchester and Salford Magistrate’s Court.

On Monday, the man pleaded guilty to railway trespass and was given an absolute discharge.

Mickey said he ‘called British Transport Police several times to find out if the dog was okay, but couldn’t find out any information.’

It is understood that the Labrador is now being cared for at a rescue home, following its ordeal on the tracks,