Work finally set to start at now demolished former Romans and Lord Byron pub in Hucknall

The ‘eyesore’ derelict remains of an old Hucknall pub could finally soon no longer be blighting the town as work to turn it into a new apartment block is set to begin.

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 12:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 12:59 pm

The old Romans pub on Annesley Road, which was known as the Lord Byron before that, was closed in 2007 and the building became a target for vandals and crime.

After standing empty for a decade, Ashfield District Council deemed it unsafe in 2017 and it was partly demolished.

Plans were then submitted for the rest of the building to be demolished and a new three-storey apartment block containing nine apartments be built in its place.

The site has become a derelict eyesore. Photo: Google

Permission for this was granted in 2019 but since then, the shell of the old pub has remained and become something of a local eyesore.

But now, finally, there are signs that it could soon be gone and work on the new apartment block in its place can begin.

Alan McGowan, of Alan McGowan Architects, who are behind the project, said: “We hope to start very, very soon.

"The problem with the site was there were a series of bollards and railings at the front and a large road traffic sign and for the contractor to get on the site to finish the demolition, he needs access from the front and these bollards and railings are in the way.

The old Romans pub closed in 2007

"We’re not allowed to to touch them because they’re owned by Nottinghamshire County Council.

"We applied in February 2020 for the council to take them away but unfortunately, just after we applied, Covid happened and everything stopped.

"Then, the council highways department got taken over by a new company, Via East Midlands and it seems the information for our application didn’t get transferred over so we were getting no repsonse to our enquiries.

"Finally, we’re getting somewhere now and the council have said they can take away the bollards, railings and sign.

"So Via have got to come along and do all that and then we get get on site and start building because that’s what we all want and the client is really keen to get the project done as they already have someone who wants to move into the block.

"It’s just unfortunate with Covid and delays for Via that this has taken so long.”

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