Young Hucknall film maker wins award for shining a light on racism

A Hucknall man who created a short film to spark conversations around racism, hate and other forms of discrimination has won an award.

Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 8:24 am

Anthony Akpovi, 25, was selected as part of Nottinghamshire Police’s Live Our Best Lives awards as winner of the Bringing People Together category.

His film, I See Red, was nominated for a Nottingham Young Creative Award last year and despite not winning, it has led to a successful start to his career.

Anthony was nominated by his wife, Claire.

Anthony Akpovi has won an Our Best Lives award from Nottinghamshire Police. Photo: Nottinghamshire Police

She said: “While the death of George Floyd triggered a racial crisis here in the UK, Tony wrote, directed and produced a short film.

“He used content he had already filmed prior to the social distancing rules to start a conversation and bring a community of young people together against racism, hate and other forms of discrimination.

“It was a brilliant and challenging piece of work.

“Since the release of this video, he has been regularly sought out by other relatives, friends and colleagues in his workplace to speak about race and gender issues.”

Anthony said he was inspired to produce the video as he wanted to spark a conversation around racism, hate and other forms of discrimination.

He said: “I looked at certain things that were happening in the world and I just felt frustrated.

"I couldn’t understand why black males were seen to be a threat and why women weren’t allowed the same opportunities as men.

"Young people were also getting blamed for everything that was going wrong in the world.

“I couldn’t understand any of it so I decided to make a video that addressed these issues.

"In the video I raise a red flag and that’s my way of saying it’s time action was taken to change these injustices.

“When I won the award I was really surprised but also very excited.

"It’s amazing to be recognised for you own work.

"It’s something that means a lot to me and my friends who helped me produce it.”

As part of the award nomination, an extract of something Anthony had written was submitted as supporting information.

It read: “We represent a voice.

"We are a voice wanting to be heard, a voice that chooses to raise the red flag as a sign of action.

“We are not ignorant to the current affairs of the local and global communities and no matter how dire the situation may become, there is hope because we are prepared to keep speaking up about the things that matter most to us.

“We will celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. We will remember our past as we shape our future.”

The film was selected as a winner of the award by the Next Gen Movement alongside Nottinghamshire Police Youth outreach worker Romel Davis, who created awards as part of the force’s Stephen Lawrence Day celebrations.

Romel said: “Anthony’s inspiring film is a truly powerful piece of work and we amazed by the incredible production quality too.

“I’d encourage everyone to watch it and see its important message and he a deserved winner of this category.

“I’d like to wish Anthony all the best for the future and thank all those who submitted nominations for the Live Our Best Lives awards.”

The video can be watched here.