Personal trainer Maley wins Mr Universe title

Hucknall bodybuilder Josh Maley, winner of his class in the Mr Universe competition. (PHOTO BY: Photoarts by Jay)
Hucknall bodybuilder Josh Maley, winner of his class in the Mr Universe competition. (PHOTO BY: Photoarts by Jay)

Inspirational bodybuilder Josh Maley, of Hucknall, should now be referred to as Mr Universe!

For 29-year-old Maley, who has a large following on social media, was crowned the Class One champion at the Mr Universe competition, hosted by the National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association (NABBA) at the ICC in Birmingham.

“This is the realisation of a seven-year dream,” he said. “Words cannot do justice as to how it feels.

“For all the hours of hard work and discipline that you put into something to come to fruition is simply incredible.”

Maley, who works as a personal trainer for the Nottingham-based M10 Fitness, has been competing since 2010. His success is a case of third time lucky because he was third in the same category of Mr Universe in 2015 and second last year.

“Each year, I have put everything into improving my physique and aiming to be better than the previous year,” he added. “This mindset has helped me reach my long-term goal. It meant I didn’t focus on, or get intimidated by, the bigger picture. Instead I just focused on being my best each day. That is all I could really control.”

Maley is so dedicated that he is a huge inspiration to fitness fanatics and aspiring competitors in the Hucknall area. He has even built up a following of 2,157 people on Twitter (@josh_maley).

The bodybuilder is also a consultant for sports nutrition brand, Muscle Club, which provides supplements to help maximise training potential. These supplements come in convenient monthly subscription boxes, and customers can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced boxes after consultations with Maley.

JOSH Maley landed his Mr Universe title because of his impressive size and physique, which he has developed after years of intensive training.

Mr Universe is judged on symmetry, proportions, size and clarity of muscle groups, and the Class One category that Maley won is for bodybuilders more than 1.79 metres tall.

Commentators at the event said Maley, who is 1.98 metres tall and weighs 287lb, had upper body-movement and legs that were “world class”. He beat fellow Briton, Andrew Pickering, into second place.