Petition calls for name of Hucknall school to be retained

A petition to retain the name of a Hucknall school when a new site opens has been signed by 170 people.

In September last year, Nottinghamshire County Council gave the go aheadfor a new school to replace Beardall Street School.

The new 420-place primary school will be built in two phases on land off Kenbrook Road, which is part of the new housing development in the Papplewick Lane area.

The building will replace Beardall Street Primary School, which has catered for several generations.

Now, a number of parents and former pupils have set up a petition to ensure that the nme of Berdall Street lives on.

Stuart Pocklington, whose children are at the school, said: “Parents of Beardall street school have formed a group and created an online petition, at, asking the school, and the county council to ensure that when the new school is completed, it will retain the word Beardall it its name.

“There are so many fond memories of this school and many people will be very sad to see the current school close next year. This is why many feel it is really important to ensure the new school is still called Beardall.”

Tracy Smith, who has signed the petition, wrote: “If everything changes to new our children will never remember the past and I thought history was important. I’m all for change but we must remember where we came from.”