Picnic in park for Chernobyl kids

AN OPEN-air concert, as part of a programme of events to support children still affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, will hit the high notes later this month.

The Picnic In The Park event will feature the award-winning Newstead Brass band on Saturday June 25 at Hayes Farm, Newstead.

A commitment has been made that the show will go ahead, whatever the weather.

Money raised will go to support the Friend’s Of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) organisation, which has had a branch in Hucknall for 13 years.

Each year, local families volunteer for the local FOCC cause and host youngsters from Belarus, which was hit hard by the nuclear fallout from the disaster. This year’s batch of youngsters have just arrived and will stay in Hucknall until Friday July 1.

Vists to Hucknall have been proven to extend life-expectancy of the children by several years as they take advantage of fresh air, clean water, health checks and morale-boosting days out.