Kerry Bradshaw sees Kate at Vernon Park
Kerry Bradshaw sees Kate at Vernon Park

UNLESS you’ve been living in a cave, you can’t have escaped the Queen’s Jubilee and her visit to Nottingham.

But for Kerry Bradshaw (25), of Hucknall, she caught an up-close glimpse of the royals — notably Prince William and wife Kate — when they stopped off at Vernon Park in Basford, as her submitted photos show.

After Kerry and her children — Casey (seven), Ellie (five) and Brooklyn (five months) — had failed to get a good view of the Queen in Nottingham City Centre, they decided to trek to the park.

All of a sudden, the Hucknall family were confronted by police. Kerry wanted to get back to where her mother was but she was blocked by an officer, who said the royals were coming her way.

“We ended up on the front row by accident,” said Kerry.

“It was one of those ‘wow’ moments we will never forget.”

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