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LEAPING onto the pages of the Dispatch this week in our PICTURE OF THE WEEK feature is larger-than-life cat Dex.

This snap of him surverying a field in Hucknall from a lofty perch has been sent in by owners Ian and Tracey Finney, of Penhale Drive in the town.

Dex, or Loncoon Dynamite Dexter, to give him his pedigree name, is a Maine Coon, which is the largest breed of domestic cat in the world.

The Finneys decided to send in this snapshot after a spate of ‘lion’ sightings in the south of the country turned out to be a Maine Coon called Teddy.

Dex is four years old and the breed can grow to weigh 25 lb after five years. Although his size is quite imposing, Dexter is a big softy who likes nothing more than a tummy rub and chasing butterflies.

Our thanks go to Ian and Tracey. Now we would like more Dispatch readers to send us their pictures. They can be of absolutely anything.

Just use your imagination.

n E-MAIL your images to newsdesk@hucknall-dispatch.co.uk, with PICTURE OF THE WEEK in the subject field. Please remember to include background information to the photos, plus information about yourself, such as age, address, job, family, hobbies and interests.