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WITH populations of our native species of bee in alarming decline, every household can play a role with planting schemes in their gardens, no matter how big or small.

That very fight has been taken up by 19-year-old Arthur Parkinson, who has submitted the eyecatching shot of a bee buzzing around one of the plants fatured in his small town-centre garden with the aim of attracting pollinating insects.

“It’s very easy to do,” said Arthur, who says he is mad on gardening. “You just need to pick flowers with open centres which insects like bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies are easily able to access to get to the pollen and nectar that they feed upon.”

He added: “We have lost an estimated 98% of our wildflower meadows. Add to this the cocktail of pesticides sprayed upon our crops and changes in climate and the plants we grow in our gardens are more important than ever.”

Our thanks go to Arthur.

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