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THE APPROPRIATELY-named Brenda Bird has submitted this snap for the latest instalment of our popular PICTURE OF THE WEEK feature.

For the photgraph captures a bird of prey perched on top of a fence post in the picturesque village of Linby.

Brenda (69), who lives in Hucknall, was walking past the fields at the side of the railway line that cuts through Linby when she spotted the bird.

She was with her husband, grandchildren and great grandchildren and Brenda was pointing out a horse grazing in the field at the time.

She happened to glance across to the boundary of the field and “to her surprise” spotted this bird, which she believes is a kestrel.

Brenda would like anyone who can confirm the breed to do so through the Dispatch.

Our thanks go to Brenda.

Now we would like more Dispatch readers to send us their pictures. They can be of absolutely anything.

Just use your imagination.

n E-MAIL your images to newsdesk@hucknall-dispatch.co.uk, with PICTURE OF THE WEEK in the subject field. Please remember to include background information to the photos, plus information about yourself, such as age, address, job, family, hobbies and interests.