Plan to extend fishing lake

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PLANS have been submitted to make improvements to the fishing lakes at Newstead and Annesley Country Park.

Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire and Newstead Enterprise, the groups behind the ambitious community-led project, have submitted an application to Notts County Council asking for permission to reduce the steep and deep edges of some of the lagoons.

There would also be landscaping work to improve the edges of the lagoons on the former colliery site.

At a meeting, held at the Newstead Centre on 27th November, Mick Leivers, from Newstead Enterprise and the angling project CAST, said the groups wanted to carry out the alterations while work on the visitor centre continues.

“We don’t want to spread this over five or ten years,” he said.

Meanwhile, work on the eco-friendly visitor centre is set to continue in the New Year — and it is hoped that it will be open for summer.

Rob Crowder, chief executive of Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire which also owns the site, said: “It’s not finished yet but we have got some work starting in the New Year. I don’t want this for ever being a lorry park — I want to get the big stuff done.”

Nottinghamshire County Council is helping with the design work, while the project is also receiving cash from the Lottery and Waste Recycling Environmental Limited. Volunteers have dedicated around 100,000 hours to the project.

Back in 2010, Newstead Village residents took part in BBC1’s Village SOS project. The village received £433,140 from the Big Lottery Fund and the scheme was overseen by Newstead Enterprise.

The visitor centre includes a wall made from 1,500 recycled tyres and it is hoped that 100,000 people will visit the park each year by its fifth birthday.