Plan to reduce number of Notts disabled hospital patients

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Council chiefs have been tasked with reducing the number of people with learning disabilities who are currently in the county’s hospitals.

In line with the Government’s Winterbourne Hospital Review, Nottinghamshire County Council is seeking to reduce the number of people with learning disabilities in hospital settings over the next three years.

The authority has already supported 51 people with learning disabilities or autism to move from mental health hospitals back into the community since 2013 – 35 into supported living homes and 16 into residential care.

It has joined forces with clinical commissioning groups in a Transforming Care Partnership and Nottingham City Council in order to develop a long-term plan.

There are currently around 73 people with learning disabilities in a hospital setting across the county and it is aimed to reduce this by around 60 percent by 2018/19.

This involves ensuring services are better equipped to support people in the community to prevent new hospital admissions as well as helping people in hospital to move out.

Social care chief Councillor Muriel Weisz said: “It is vital that people with learning disabilities are given the right care and support - a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach fails to meet the needs of the individual.

“Sometimes a hospital setting is the best option for ensuring a person with a learning disability who has a mental health issue gets the right treatment, but more often people with learning disabilities thrive in a setting where they have more independence.”