Plans for troubled teen home in Mansfield scrapped for the second time

The house on Layton Avenue, which could be turned into a home for troubled teenagers.
The house on Layton Avenue, which could be turned into a home for troubled teenagers.

Plans to open a home for troubled teens in Mansfield have been abandoned for a second time, it has been confirmed.

Cambian Group, who run homes for young people unable to live with their families, had set their sights on converting a large property on Layton Avenue, submitting an application in October.

They said the seven-bedroom property known as Layton Hurst would have made an ideal location because it was once a nursing home.

Cambian even said a price had been agreed to buy the property.

But the company has confirmed it was no longer pursuing planning permission.

A spokesman for the company said: “This action has been taken as we firm up and prioritise our 2016 development plans.

“We will continue to progress our growth plans within the East Midlands over the coming months.”

Cambian says it provides ‘specialist residential care’ for young people with ‘nurturing home environments where they can feel safe, supported and able to progress’.

The company deals with young people who have been abused, have complex needs, autism or mental health issues.

The plans for Layton Hurst had been the second location in Mansfield which Cambian had planned to open a home.

Earlier in the summer residents living on High Oakham Road campaigned to halt plans to convert a property on their street.

The company did not need planning permission but simply a lawful development certificate , meaning they were not required to advertise their intentions.

The move angered locals who felt they were trying to open the home ‘under the radar’.

Mansfield District Council rejected the application and Cambian dropped their interest.