Plans to reduce speed where teen was killed

PLANS to reduce the speed limit on part of Forest Lane, Papplewick have been brought forward by Notts County Council — after a Hucknall teenage cyclist was killed in an accident on the road.

A 30mph restriction already in force on part of the road will be extended and cover the section where 15-year-old Harrison Carlin, of Buckingham Avenue, was killed in a collision with a car while riding his bike on Sunday July 1.

The scheme, which also includes improved street lighting, has been included in the county council’s integrated transport measures programme for 2013-14.

The proposal, for which £50,000 has been budgeted, was given the green light by the council’s transport and highways committee at a meeting two months after Harrison’s death.

A county council spokesman acknowledged that the plan to bring forward the changes on Forest Lane had been influenced by the tragic accident to Harrison. He added that an extension of a 30mph limit was also proposed for a section of the nearby Moor Road.

During August, Jack Chaplain, a fellow pupil of Harrison at Hucknall National Church of England Academy and his best friend, together with other pals, organised a fund-raising event in the field next to the Griffins Head pub at Papplewick.

This proved a huge success and raised a total of about £4,000 to be donated to the county council towards the cost of measures for safety improvements on Forest Lane.

Harrison’s mum, Michelle, said she welcomed any measures that could be taken to make Forest Lane safer and she praised the efforts so far made.

The teenager’s dad, Craig, said he wanted to thank all who had organised and supported the fundraising campaign for greater safety on Forest Lane.