Plea to help woman (41) stranded in New York

Tracey Newcombe
Tracey Newcombe

A DESPERATE former Bulwell woman is pleading for help to get back home after she was left stranded in New York.

Tracey Newcombe (41) moved to the USA in 2006 and married an American man a year later.

But after the breakdown of their marriage, she has found herself penniless and without a ‘Green Card’ that would allow her to stay in the country.

The mum-of-one says she is “in hiding” at a friend’s house in the district of Albany.

Now one of Tracey’s good friends in the UK, Dawn Durham, of Bestwood Park, has launched a campaign to try and get her back to Bulwell.

She has even enlisted the help of the town’s Labour MP, Graham Allen.

Dawn is now appealing to Dispatch readers to donate items that could be sold at a car-boot sale or raffled off to raise a minimum of £500 to buy an airline-ticket to return Tracey to the Dispatch district.

It is hoped to reunite her with her parents, Kenneth Newcombe, who lives on Repton Road, Bulwell, and Sandra Sheppard, of Newmarket Road, Bulwell.

Tracey said in an e-mail: “I just want to get home where I am safe. I am very scared and alone, apart from a few friends who are doing their best to help me.”

She says she has reached out to friends and family to help fund a flight home but has “had no luck”.

Tracey also has a problem with an underactive thyroid gland and is in need of medication. But she has no healthcare insurance and no money to pay for treatment.

She is desperate to get back home to be reunited with her son, who is in his 20s and lives in Nottinghamshire, and to see her newborn grandchild for the first time.

Dawn (48), who has been close friends with Tracey since 2002, said: “We need to get her home. Any support we can get would be great. I am very concerned for Tracey.”

It is understood that the British Consulate in New York cannot help because it does not pay for flights in cases such as Tracey’s.

Mr Allen said: “My office is on the case and we are making enquiries. We are doing everything we can to help.”

Anyone who would like to support Dawn in her campaign or has items to donate can call her on 07722 236421.